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Bad Lieutenant

Went to see Werner Hertzog’s The Bad Lieutenant, port of call, New Orleans’ last night.
To start off, Nicholas Cage is a New Orleans police sergeant who is injured rescuing a prisoner from rising waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Katriana. He is promoted to Lieutenant, but has permanently damaged his spine and will have to take prescription painkillers from now on. When we see him next after 6 months he has developed psychotic drug addict stumbling around in an ill fitting suit, with a 44 magnum shoved into his waistband. He is assigned to lead an investigation into a brutal gangland mass murder. But the investigation is secondary to his principal interests, mainly his drug addict prostitute girlfriend he has set up in an apartment & his ever spiraling drug & gambling addictions. This is all established in the first 20 minutes. We then spend the next 100 odd minutes in the glorious company of Nicholas Cages deranged drug fuel life as he stumbles around, with stick ups, interogations, useless witness protection, family dramas, pet care,pimping & deals with drug lords. It is all done in a surreal style, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. (4 people walked out at my screening). But I found my self laughing all the way through at the madness. Highly recommended.

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