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Saw this recently.
This is the second sequel to Predator, which has wisely decided to ignore the recent AvP films and loosely continue the story from the first two. (Albeit it refers only to the first).
The story starts with an unconscious Adrian Brody free falling. As he wakes up, he realises his predicament and  struggles to open the parachute he is wearing. Just as he is about to plunge into what we now see is a dense jungle, the chute mechanism comes to life and opens, as if it has been preset. The chute slows him down just enough, and he hits the jungle floor with a thud. As he is coming to his senses, another thud on the ground nearby puts him on guard. Over the next few minutes we are introduced, but not by name, to a varied range of mercenaries, soldiers, gangsters and criminals. All plucked from varied violent backgrounds, with no memory until the parachute drop that deposited them into the jungle. While some are immediately adversarial, they agree to band together for survival. Shortly thought they come to realise that they have been all brought here to be hunted, and that they are no longer on Earth.
This film echoes the first film in the range of disparate characters assembled, who are all masters in their fields. They are suited to this environment, not because they have practice, but because they are all fighters. But these mercenaries are not a seasoned team who have worked together many times before. This group have been brought together by the predators to whone the aliens hunting skills. The humans start being picked off, and the film then follows a predictable path. Team split for varied reason, loose member isolated and slaughtered by predators and therein the problem with the film lies.  It deserves plaudits for reactivating a stalled franchise, hijacked by a comicbook idea. However this film does little to progress the story arc of the original. Aliens its not. The few hacknied new plot twists have been seen before in other franchises. The. Film is disappointing, but enjoyable in places. I still look forward to the next.
RANT: Just a note about the trailer, I was excited by a scene at the end of the trailer, where Adrian Brody was halted in his tracks by a triangular laser sight appearing on his chest, then another, then another. I then went to the film anticipating this scene. Did it appear? No. I felt cheated. Most recently trailers tend to be the best parts pasted together. But now the best parts aren’t even in the film. Rant over.  

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