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“To prevent mixing/contamination of the fluids beings transported tankers are thoroughly steam cleaned after being used.

Physics 101, if you heat a gas it expands, if you cool a gas it contracts. Heating a gas in a confined spaces creates pressure while cooling a gas in a confined space creates a vacuum.

The problem was that these cleaning crews would go steam clean the tanker during the day and seal it up to prevent any contamination. But when the temperature dropped during the night the steam would cool and create a vacuum.

Normally the vacuum would be pretty weak and would only result in a hatch refusing to open. Fun fact, a 12 inch diameter hatch under a 5 psi vacuum would require over 550 lbs of force to open. In rare situations the walls of the tanker would bow in a bit. What you see in this video is the MOST extreme situation. To achieve results like this you have to be trying to implode the tanker.” – LOLasaurusFTW


via  -Contrast- & @coolpics


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