Films in August 2010

Outlander*, Good;

Doctor Strange*, Good;

Nostromo*, OK;

Tom Jones*, Good;

Blue Velvet, Good;

Last of the Mohicans, Good;

Year One*, Poor;

Surrogates*, Poor;

Flash Of Genius*, Good;

Starship Troopers, Good;

Disturbia*, OK;

The Crimson Wing*, OK;

The Keep, Good;

The Bad & The Beautiful, Very Good;

A Beautiful Mind*, Good;

Pulp*, Poor;

Breathless, Poor;

Shorts*, Good;

Get Smart*, OK;

Every Which Way But Loose, Good;

War Inc.*, OK;

Race To Witch Mountain*, Good;

Doubt*, Very Good;

Ultimate Avengers*, Good;

Choke*, Good;

The Hunting Party*, Good;

Harold & Kumar Escape From Quantanamo Bay*, OK;

Five Easy Pieces, Good;

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen*, OK;

Adventureland*, Good;

The Secret In Their Eyes*, Very Good;

Infestation*, Good;

Flame and Citron*, Good;

The Miracle of Morgan Creek, Very Good;

The Illusionist*, Very Good;

Piranha 2: The Spawning*, OK;

The Game, Good;

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, Good;

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World*, Very Good;

Back To The Future Part II, Good;

Revolutionary Road*, OK;

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege*, OK;

Species 2*, OK;

Tinkerbell: The Great Fairy Rescue*, Good;

Oliver Twist*, Very Good;

Films with * are ones I hadn’t seen before

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